Multi hazard barrier

Rockfall protection systems in alpine regions have to contend with significant quantities of snow during the winter months. The impact surface of a snow slide is much larger than a rockfall. Our multi hazard barriers are designed and dimensioned to cope with high levels of both energy and loadings.


We developed the ROCKFALL-X G and ROCKFALL-X A damping system with the aim of increasing the level of protection and durability that rockfall protection galleries provide. Equipped with cellular glass ballasts or used tires respectively, this system enhances energy absorption capacity while simultaneously reducing the static loading associated with conventional gallery reinforcement solutions. The modular system’s low weight reduces the static load on the gallery and facilitates not only easy

Rockfall drape

TECCO® and SPIDER® drapes made from high-tensile steel wire represent an economical, safe alternative to dynamic rockfall barriers in any application where the catchment area is too small for the expected rockfall leap height and kinetic energy. Rockfall drapes will capture falling rocks and control their descent to a catchment zone in between the mesh and the rock face.

GEOBRUGG Rockfall impact attenuators

Rockfall Impact Attenuator Systems are a rockfall protection solution combining rockfall drapes and flexible rockfall barriers. The hybrid system is used as a passive protection measure: The cable net barrier breaks the fall and the drape steers the rocks into the runout zone – it works as a deflector. The Attenuator System combines the proven strengths of both the barrier and drape to provide low maintenance protection.


In this case, the rockfall barrier is installed as a canopy. Falling rocks are propelled away from the net into a safe zone, meaning that the barrier does not have to be emptied. This self-cleaning effect can be customized so that maximum absorption capacity is achieved.

RXE barriers

Our RXE-500 to RXE-8000 rockfall protection barriers come into their own in applications that present the risk of large blocks breaking loose and travelling with significant force and energy. The permitted energy absorption capacity is as high as 8,000 kJ, equating to a weight of 20 tons traveling at over 100 km/h – a world record in this sector. Because of its capacity for maximum energy absorption, the RXE has

GBE barriers

Featuring high-tensile steel wire and an exceptionally straightforward installation method, this product is setting a new standard in the field of rockfall protection barriers. Our GBE barriers, designed for impact energy levels of up to 3,000 kJ, are delivered to construction sites preassembled for quick installation onto support posts. All barriers meet the requirements of the ETAG-027 category A – the highest category of this guideline.

Debris flow barrier VX

Our flexible ring net barriers are able to withstand significant dynamic and static loads caused by debris flows or mudflows. They have undergone testing and proven their abilities as a complete system in debris flow tests replicating real-life conditions. We offer two different types of debris flow barrier systems, depending on the channel properties. VX barriers are used in narrow torrents and are anchored in the channel flanks using wire

Teranap 431 2M/4M

Prefabricated Bituminous Geomembrane In the 1970’s, Siplast developed the world’s first bituminous geomembrane, Teranap. Since then, Teranap has proven itself as a reliable, practical, and durable liner for concrete and earthen canals, settling basins, embankment stabilization, dams, mine waste containment, waste water storage, reservoirs, and ponds. Siplast Teranap 431 is a high performance elastomeric bituminous geomembrane. Unique among waterproofing materials, Teranap 431 combines SBS polymer and the highest quality asphalt with