Teranap 331 2M/4M

Prefabricated Bituminous Geomembrane In the 1970s, Siplast developed the world’s first bituminous geomembrane, Teranap.  Since then, Teranap has proven itself as a reliable, practical, and durable liner for concrete and earthen canals, settling basins, embankment stabilization, dams, mine waste containment, waste water storage, reservoirs, and ponds. Siplast Teranap 331 is a high performance elastomeric bituminous geomembrane. Unique among waterproofing materials, Teranap 331 combines SBS polymer and the highest quality asphalt

Preferred Mopping Asphalt Source

The quality of the components in Siplast SBS-Modified bitumen roof systems is critical to their performance. While Siplast closely controls all manufactured product, ongoing quality control of mopping asphalt is extremely difficult. This is primarily due to the large number of mopping asphalt suppliers and numerous plant locations. In 1995, Siplast implemented a policy regarding hot asphalt applied roof membranes eligible for guarantees extending beyond the standard 10-year term. Te

T-0602 Paradiene PA-311 Adhesive Applied in Hot Weather

In hot weather conditions, solvent-based cold adhesives can soften modified bitumen materials.When using PA-311 Adhesive in warmer temperatures, it is helpful to modify certain project staging and application techniques to enhance the appearance of the finished roof system. The following guidelines for Paradiene systems installed in PA-311 Adhesive should be used together with standard Siplast specifications, details and recommendations. Job Set-up and Scheduling : Consider using PA-311 M in lieu

SIPLAST Plaza Deck Waterproofing (Teranap)

The torch-applied, two-ply Teranap System is based on proven roof membrane design. The elastomeric base ply, Paradiene 20 TG, is engineered to retain its elasticity through the rigors of deck movement. The top ply, Teranap, consists of a non-woven polyester mat impregnated and coated with SBS-modified bitumen. The surface of the sheet is protected by a polyester film.


DELTAX® high-tensile steel wire mesh is a cost-effective solution to protect people and infrastructure against rock fall and slope instability. It also has various other applications, including use in architectural installations, the protection of historical sites and buildings, fencing and anti-rodent installations.


The SPIDER® spiral rope net made from high-tensile wire secures loose, blocky rocks, rock spurs, overhangs or unstable rock formations with highly irregular surface structures. The SPIDER®-system utilizes a flexible nail grid and boundary ropes together with the spiral rope net.


Safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability: These are the qualities that have made the several million square meters of the TECCO® SYSTEM3 installed to date an unparalleled global success story. TECCO® mesh, featuring 2 mm, 3 mm or 4 mm wire made from high-tensile steel, can be used to stabilize virtually any kind of slope, whether it consists of rock or loose soil. Coupled with either of two different sized spike plates, the TECCO® SYSTEM3