PT. Pratama Mitra Abadi is a trading company affiliated with the strong manufacturer, both foreign and domestic. Aside from being a distributor, we are also an importer and manufacturer of various products that have been used widely in construction activities, mining operations and in general industry.

Various kinds of Safety Gear & Equipment, Welding Machinery and Electrodes, Plasma Cutters, Generator Sets, various kinds of Testing Equipment and Laboratory Supplies, Lights, and many more are currently in rapid development. We provide a wide range of products supporting the needs of underground mining such as Split Set Stabilizers, Domed Plates, Driver Tools, Utility Hangers, Pull Test Equipment, and Welded Wire Mesh.

Calling PT PMA means dealing with Quality, Competitive and Reasonable Pricing and Services. With value of PERFECT: Professional, Experienced, Reliable, Friendly, Effective, Competitive, we commit to provide Timely solutions to achieve TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We hope PT PMA becomes your primary industry partner.